SlideLocâ„¢ Stopper Beads

Self locking adjustable stopper beads for changing the action of your fly or bait.

Quick and secure!

Adjusting the distance between the ActionDisc and the bait changes the action. Setting the disc close to the bait creates a quick vibrating action. Moving the disc up the leader 1-2" creates a slower seeking action with more movement of the bait horizontally and vertically. Positioning the disc up the leader 1-2 feet causes the bait to dart forward each time the disc activates without effecting the horizontal or vertical movement of the bait at all.

Slide Loc beads make it easy to adjust the ActionDisc and can be used in all sorts of rigging situations that require a stopper.

Step 1

Grab the bead with a pair of pliers, making sure the flat side is facing toward you.

Step 2

Open the bead by turning the slit vertically and compressing it with the pliers.

Step 2

Slide your line through the bead and release the pliers. The bead will remain locked on the line until you use pliers to adjust it again.