HellRazor DART™

Low resistance, high visability dodgers for
Salmon, Trout and Kokanee



ActionDiscs for salmon trolling

The result of a 3 year project to design a flasher/dodger that isn't just a new paint job, electronic chip or decal stuck on the same basic body.

The DART is designed to glide with the water instead of resisting it, almost eliminating drag.


Manufactured with UV Polycarbonate makes it virtually indestructible, highly visable and crystal clear which allows the holographic tape to flash on both sides of the dodger.


Trolling doesn't have to be a drag!

When HellRazor dodgers are retrieved faster that the designed trolling speed the gliding dart action is defeated and the dodger just slowly spins in-line. The result is very little resistance when the fish runs or when you want to reel in to check bait.










Now available in 3 sizes!


SMALL - 5" Micro - multi action, slow trolling speed  1-1.5 mph

MEDIUM - 8" darting action, slow trolling speed 1-1.5 mph

LARGE - 12" darting action, fast trolling speed 2-3 mph