HellRazor™ DART - Hoochie, Fly and Softbait Dodgers

Hell Razor DART Kokanee Dodger

Introducing the multi action HellRazor DART,
a true innovation in dodger design!


Now available in 3 sizes!

SMALL - 5" Micro dodger - multi action, slow trolling speed  1-1.5 mph

MEDIUM - 8" darting action, slow trolling speed 1-1.5 mph

LARGE - 12" darting action, fast trolling speed 2-3 mph


Our Small DART is adjustable for 3 distinctly different actions...

ROLL - The front hole causes the dodger to roll. 
- Troll speeds from .9 mph - 2 mph

DODGE - The second hole provides a classic dodge
- Troll speeds from .7 mph - 1.5 mph

DART - The third hole produces a darting action. 
- Troll speeds from 1.5 mph - 1.7 mph

NOTE: The HellRazor DART is designed for use with corn or grub baited hoochies, flies or small spoons only. Adding spinner blades, smile blades, ActionDiscs or other items with high water resistance will defeat the action of the dodger.


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HellRazor - Kokanee Dodger



The clear advantage

The DART is manufactured from Polycarbonate making it virtually indestructible and crystal clear which allows the holographic tape to flash on both sides of the dodger.


Virtually weightless

The DART is a fraction of the weight of the tired metal spoon design that hasn't shown any real improvement since it's introduction in the early part of the last century.

A hooked fish, especially Kokanee can't use the weight of this dodger to rip free when it comes to the surface and starts throwing it's head around.

The DART also has a neutral buoyancy which means you can actually stop trolling if you need to and the DART won't instantly sink down and tangle your gear... especially if you're stacking releases on your downrigger.


Hell Razor DART Kokanee Dodger

Hell Razor DART Kokanee Dodger

HellRazor - Kokanee Dodger

Hell Razor DART Kokanee Dodger



Hell Razor DART Kokanee Dodger