FAQ - SWARM Flasher System

Question - Do you rig it in-line or off the ball?

Answer - Both - The large SWARM system is usually rigged with 3 baldes and attached directly to the downrigger ball with bait lines attached to stacker releases on the cable above. The medium and small SWARM can be setup the same way or rigged with 2 blades and used in-line with the bait leader attached to the tail chain,

More details HERE

Question - Looks like it would tangle?

Answer - Tangle free is an inherent part of the design, The position of each blade mount on the prop makes it impossible for the chains to touch, let alone wrap around each other.


Question - Can they be daisey chained?

Answer - Yes - We recommend large-to-medium or medium-to-small, mainly for easy handeling above water. In theory you can connect as many as want.