ArcticFox™ Trolling Flies

Superior quality trolling flies from the North West!


ArcticFox 3-1/2 inch Tube Flies

Killer Action and durability! For spin-casting, bait-casting or trolling! 3.5" in length, these flies are tied with ultra tough Arctic Fox fur, providing maximum durability with a super fluid action in the water. These are the most versatile fishing lures I have ever used. They will catch huge range of fish in both freshwater and salt. Slide a small egg or cone weight on the line in front of the ActionDisc and cast it just like you would a spoon, spinner or crainkbait! Long line troll or run them off a downrigger or planer board.

Package contains: 1 Tube Fly, 1 ActionDisc, 1 Gamakatsu Hook Available in:


Pond Smelt (White)




Vampire (Dark Brown).

Tui Chub




ArcticFox Crystal Bullet - Kokanee Fly Combo Selection Box

This series of flies is based on a 1980’s steelhead pattern with a similar name. This Kokanee version is tied on a #6 hook with a trailing #4 hook added. The connector is 30# chartreuse mono for a durable fly that will not lose fish. Both the body and thread are fluorescent to reflect UV light at depth.

Box contains:

3 Crystal Bullet - Hot Pink

3 Crystal Bullet - Charetreuse

3 Crystal Bullet - Flourescent Orange