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SlideLoc Stopper Beads
SlideLock adjustable stopper
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interactive knot instructions


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ChuckleHead Blowout
4.25"- Rigged Hoochies
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salmon flashers, trout flashers, kokanee flashers

Swarm™ Switchblade flashers produce the
darting action and silhouette of small fish chasing bait. 
The beadchain blade harness allows random movement
and rotation of the blades, producing natural
variation in the flash pattern.
Quickly swap blades for dozens of color combinations,
at a fraction of the cost of buying a different
flasher for every color you need.



Watch the Underwater Video



swarm salmon flasher blade colors


Choose a size below and build your own Flasher









Swarm Flasher king salmon, Kodiak


Read the reviews of the Swarm™ Switchblade flasher posted on

Alaska Outdoors Forum




Swarm Flasher king salmon, Kodiak


Dean Teegarden

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swimming action
for soft plastic baits
& trolling flies

Killer Action for Casting or Trolling

ActionDiscs™ slide on your line in front

of a wide variety of soft-plastic baits,

trolling flies, natural baits or lures.

Using the principal of chaos, ActionDiscs

produce a natural, non-mechanical

swimming action and vibration, resulting

in more strikes and bigger fish!